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Falken EUROWINTER VAN01 165/70 R14C 89/87R BLK


165/70 R14C 89/87R BLK

Tyre size
165/70 R14C 89/87R BLK  Change 
Stock Level
limited stock
Type of Tyre
Winter tyres
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol
Speed Index
R: Approved up to 106 mph
Item No.
Tyre label

recommended retail price*   £ 118.00
£ 70.76

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Delticom Product Description

EUROWINTER – Header Audi A7


The Falken EUROWINTER VAN01 tyres are specifically designed to meet the demands of winter driving for vans. Combining advanced technology with robust construction, these tyres ensure exceptional performance, safety, and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Compound with 4D Nano Design Technology: The EUROWINTER VAN01 tyres utilize an innovative compound enhanced by 4D Nano Design technology. This advanced technology improves the tyre's molecular structure, ensuring better performance and durability in cold conditions.

  • Improved Tread Design with Densely Packed 3D Sipes: The tread design features densely packed 3D sipes that provide excellent traction on snow and ice. This design enhances grip and control, ensuring safer driving in winter conditions.

  • Significantly Enhanced Fuel Economy: These tyres are designed to improve fuel efficiency, helping you save on fuel costs while also reducing your vehicle's environmental impact. The advanced compound and tread design work together to lower rolling resistance, contributing to better fuel economy.

  • Durable Casing Design: The EUROWINTER VAN01 tyres feature a durable casing design that can withstand the rigors of winter driving. This robust construction ensures that the tyres maintain their performance and integrity over time, even under heavy loads.

  • Extended Wear Life: With an extended wear life, these tyres offer long-lasting performance. The combination of durable materials and innovative design ensures that the tyres wear evenly and slowly, providing you with reliable performance season after season.

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