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Steel Rims

Here you can find steel wheels for all common cars, SUVs, off-roaders and vans.

Delivery time is approximately 6 working days. We will inform you as soon as possible should it come to delivery delays.

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Steel wheels deliver ultimate confidence for winter driving

Many vehicles are equipped with steel wheels by their manufacturers. They are thought to be a practical choice. The main advantage to steel wheels is the durability they provide. In contrast with alloy wheels, bending steel wheels takes a lot of force. It is basically impossible to crack them. On top of that, steel wheels are naturally much more affordable than alloy wheels, by almost 70-80 per cent. Drivers could also opt for wheel covers, which aim at enhancing the visual appeal of the rims. Considering their durability, steel wheels are often recommended during winter, as the terrain you have contact with is considerably more challenging. As a result, steel wheels and tyre packages are popular winter car options to wade through slippery snow. Snow shifts constantly make driving unpredictable. At mytyres.co.uk, we stock a huge selection of alloy wheels and steel wheels for a wide range of cars. You can match your SUV, off-roader, sedan or hatchback with the right set of winter tyres for superior grip on snow filled roads. Additionally, you should consider the inch diameter of the rim, since this is crucial when buying such products. Modern winter tyres have a unique tread design that ensures on-road safety and excellent driving characteristics. Steel wheels are heavier, built for harsh road conditions. They have a lower centre of gravity plus added performance characteristics.

Ideal match of steel rims with snow tyres

Choosing the right set of rims with tyres takes time. We have products as per the following traits:

• Size: Wheel size can vary as per vehicle, performance or personal choice. Upgrade wheel size according to vehicle manufacturer recommendations.

• Weight: Weight can have an impact on performance. Low weight means better braking and improved manoeuvrability.

• Terrain: Know what type of terrain you have to cover every day. Off-road, snowy roads, gravel or asphalt, are some options you may have to consider.

We believe every customer is unique when it comes to requirements pertaining to wheels. No wonder we suggest the right products as per configuration and performance. We can also recommend you snow chains to compliment steel wheels to increase grip on snow. Buying a used set of steel rims is not recommended since they can be infested with rust and have alignment issues. Besides, our amazing pricing makes used rim purchase obsolete. Before you start on your journey to purchase a new set of alloy wheels or steel rims, explore our buying guide. Know the various types of wheels, snow tyres, or snow chains available for your car or vehicle. If you have questions, just get in touch with our team to get suitable recommendations. Finally, visit our online shop - mytyres.co.uk, and evaluate our large offer of products. Buy the right fit for your automobile, and we ensure their immediate delivery!