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Tyre Brands


APlus tyres
ATP tyres
Accelera Accelera tyres
Quality low-price tyres.
Achilles Achilles tyres
Aeolus Aeolus tyres
Alliance Alliance tyres
American Classic American Classic tyres
Low-price quality tyres from the US.
Aoteli tyres
Apollo Apollo tyres
Aptany tyres
Armour Armour tyres
Atlas tyres
Low-price quality tyres from Korea by Nexen/Roadstone.
Atturo Atturo tyres
Ultra high performance tyres developed in Asia.
Autogrip Autogrip tyres
Low-price quality tyres from China.
Avon Avon tyres
The English tyre manufacturer OEM for Aston Martin, 007 - high performance at affordable prices.
Avon Vintage tyres


BF Goodrich BF Goodrich tyres
Quality tyre made by Michelin.
BK Trailer tyres
BKT BKT tyres
Barum Barum tyres
Quality Continental tyres in the lower price segment, made in the Czech Republic.
Blockley tyres
Boka tyres
Bridgestone Bridgestone tyres
Premium tyre manufacturer from Japan, top quality at premium-class prices.


CST CST tyres
Camac Camac tyres
Low-price quality tyres from Portugal.
Carlisle Carlisle tyres
Manufacturer of specialty tyres for ATV/Quads, and industrial + agricultural vehicles.
Ceat Ceat tyres
Quality tyres developed in Europe.
Centara tyres
Coker tyres
Comforser tyres
Continental Continental tyres
Engineered in Germany, Continental offers premium tyres with optimum braking performance and safety.
Cooper Cooper tyres
Tyre manufacturer from the United States specialised in high-quality 4x4 tyres.
Cultor Cultor tyres


Debica Debica tyres
Budget price tyres from Goodyear
Deestone tyres
Deli tyres
Delinte Delinte tyres
Dunlop Dunlop tyres
International tyre manufacturer of high-price, high-quality tyres
Duraturn tyres
Duro Duro tyres


Euro-Grip tyres
European Classic tyres
Excelsior Excelsior tyres


Falken Falken tyres
Japanese TOP-quality tyres, subsidiary of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.
Federal Federal tyres
High-quality tyres from Taiwan.
Firestone Firestone tyres
Bridgestone's secondary brand, high performance products in the mid price range
Fortune tyres
Fulda Fulda tyres
Black. Wide. Strong. Quality Goodyear products in mid price range.
Fullrun Fullrun tyres
Quality Asian tyres with good Price/Performance ratios.


GT Radial GT Radial tyres
Asian manufacturer of quality tyres at budget range prices.
Galaxy tyres
General General tyres
Quality 4x4 tyres manufactured in the US
Gislaved Gislaved tyres
Quality tyres developed in Europe.
Goform tyres
Goodride Goodride tyres
Innovative technology since 1958
Goodyear Goodyear tyres
Tyre producer from the US. High quality in the high price range.
Grenlander tyres
Gripmax tyres


HI FLY tyres
Haida Haida tyres
Hankook Hankook tyres
Korean tyre manufacturer: quality at affordable prices
Heidenau Heidenau tyres
German manufacturer of motorcycle and scooter tyres


Imperial Imperial tyres
Import tyres
Insa Turbo Insa Turbo tyres
Quality ecological remoulded tyres from Spain.
Interstate Interstate tyres
Quality tyres


Journey tyres


Kabat tyres
Kaltrunderneuerung tyres
Kama tyres
Kenda Kenda tyres
Quality affordable Asian tyres
Keter tyres
Khefren tyres
King Meiler King Meiler tyres
Remoulded tyres. Developed and manufactured in Germany.
Kings Tire tyres
Kleber Kleber tyres
Quality Michelin tyres at affordable prices
Kontio Kontio tyres
Kumho Kumho tyres
Korean tyre manufacturer famous for their wide tyres


Lanvigator tyres
Laufenn Laufenn tyres
Lexani Lexani tyres
Quality Asian tyres with good price/performance
Linglong Linglong tyres
Quality budget-price Asian tyres from China


Malhotra MRL tyres
Matador Matador tyres
Tyres developed in Europe with German technology
Maxxis Maxxis tyres
Trade brand of the biggest Chinese tyre manufacturer, Cheng-Shin
Mazzini tyres
Michelin Michelin tyres
High-quality premium French tyres from Michelin.
Michelin Collection tyres
Minerva Minerva tyres
Mitas Mitas tyres


Nankang Nankang tyres
The innovative tyre manufacturer from Taiwan. Ultra high performance products up to 24 inch, outstanding price/performance ratios
Nexen Nexen tyres
Korean tyre manufacturer
Nokian Nokian tyres
Finnish tyre manufacturer. Guarantees high-performance at mid-range prices and specialises in snow tyres.
Nortenha Nortenha tyres


Ovation Ovation tyres


Pace Pace tyres
Petlas Petlas tyres
Quality tyres developed in Turkey.
Pirelli Pirelli tyres
Italian tyre manufacturer with the famous logo
PointS tyres
PowerTrac tyres
Powertrac tyres


Radar Radar tyres
Retro Retro tyres
Riken Riken tyres
Quality tyres manufactured in Europe
RoadX tyres
Roadx tyres
Rockblade tyres
Rosava Rosava tyres
Rotalla Rotalla tyres
Research and development with great prices.
Royal tyres


Sailun Sailun tyres
Quality Asian tyres with good price-performance ratios
Sailwin tyres
Sava Sava tyres
Tyre in low priced segment from Goodyear
Security tyres
Semi-Pro tyres
Semperit Semperit tyres
Quality tyres in the middle price segment. A brand of Continental.
Shikari Shikari tyres
Star Performer Star Performer tyres
Tyre brand manufactured by Nankang. Unbeatable price/performance ratio
Starco Starco tyres
Starmaxx Starmaxx tyres
Quality tyres developed in Turkey.
Sunny Sunny tyres
Manufactured by Wenli. Budget tyres with great performance, particularly in rainy weather.
Superia tyres


Toyo Toyo tyres
Ultra High Performance tyre. Developed in Asia.


Uniroyal Uniroyal tyres
The wet-weather tyre with the best wet grip performance. A brand of Continental.


Viking Viking tyres
Sporty. Strong. Safe! Quality tyres, developed and produced in Europe. A brand of Continental.
Vredestein Vredestein tyres
Tyre producer from the Netherlands in mid price segment


Westlake Westlake tyres
Tyre producer from Asia.Quality tyres in budget price segment
Winter Tact Winter Tact tyres
Remoulded tyres made in Germany. ISO-certified.


Yokohama Yokohama tyres
Tyre manufacturer from Japan, high-price, high performance products


Zeetex Zeetex tyres
Innovative technology from Australia

Are you looking for a tyre for your car? Mytyres.co.uk offers a wide range of tyres of many manufacturers: From Avon tyres to Dunlop tyres to Michelin tyres you will find a wide range of tyre brands - including brands that are exclusively sold in our online shop. Star Performer is an one of these exclusive brands, you can only get here and at an unbeatable price. Many motorists seek security and opt for premium mnufacturers: Pirelli tyres, Goodyear tyres and Bridgestone tyres have been the top sellers for decades. They have been tested most extensively in racing prior to launch and therefore use technologies, that make them the best tyres available on the market.

On mytyres.co.uk you also get these products at a very good price-performance ratio. Of course, we also offer very favorable tyres. Again, you can expect an adequate level of safety. These budgetary tyre brands often differ from premium brands only by missing RunFlat versions or the range of tyre sizes is smaller. What advantages the tyres have, you can read directly from the respective product. You can also see the efficiency rating of the tyre, the speed index and of course the price.