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Reifen Finden

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Buy motorbike tyres – have more fun on the road now

Whether you are riding on a country road, in the city or on mountain passes: The right choice of motorbike tyres provides the necessary grip. Due to the abrasion on the road, tyres are among the most stressed parts of your bike. As soon as the tread starts to weaken, it makes sense to order new motorbike tyres so that your bike runs smoothly again.mo-tyre

When is a motorbike tyre worn out?

The legal minimum tread depth for a road bike is 1.6 mm. For light motorbikes it is set at 1 mm. In both cases, these are the absolute limits for tyre wear. If the tyre tread depth falls below this limit, your insurance cover will be affected. At the latest, you should change your tyres once the tread reaches 2 mm in order to maintain the grip and handling of your bike. Added to this is the safety factor on wet surfaces.

You can measure the tread depth in the middle area of the main tread in the wide grooves. The easiest way to do this is by using a 20p coin. If the outer band is not visible, everything is OK. Once it becomes visible, it is time to buy new motorbike tyres.
Tip: If you love winding roads, pay additional attention to the condition of the lateral treads.

The ageing factor for motorbike tyres

In addition to the tread depth, the general condition of the motorbike tyres is also an important factor. According to experts, you can encounter problems if you rarely use your bike and/or if it is parked outside for long periods of time. Varying weather conditions damage the material or the tyres can develop cracks and clearly visible discolouration. In these cases, it is time to order new motorbike tyres.

From the age of 5 years at the latest, it is also advisable to check the tyres regularly for damage, and after 6 years you should plan to buy new motorbike tyres. You can verify the exact age with the help of the DOT number. It is located on the side of the tyre, with the last 4 digits providing information about the month and year of manufacture.

The right tyres for different motorbike types

Motorbike tyres have to fit just as well as your clothing, from biker jackets to combos including protectors and boots. We offer special tyres for motorbikes of various types, from Motocross sports and Endurro variants to tyres for Scooters and Mopeds.

Tyres for touring bikers are a special case that requires your attention. The well-known brand Michelin, for example, recommends radial tyres if you prefer riding on winding roads, as they excel particularly well at lean angles. On the other hand, cross-ply (diagonal) tyres are recommended if you are taking a lot of luggage with you on your trip and your motorbike is not designed for high speeds.

If you are planning more frequent rides on a race track, you will need special motorbike tyres, which are already fitted as standard by some well-known manufacturers. Since road approval is necessary to get where you want to go in the first place, you have to compromise at least some of the time. However, it is important that you always focus on quality when you are aiming to achieve top speeds on the racetrack. When searching for these types of tyres, look at the speed index of the motorbike tyres in particular.

Is it worth buying cheap motorbike tyres?

The answer to this question depends largely on whether the tyres in question are brand-name motorbike tyres from well-known suppliers such as Bridgestone or Pirelli. With no-name tyres, you run the risk that they can cause dangerous situations with unpredictable driving characteristics in bad weather conditions. In addition, there is a higher risk of experiencing the undesirable shimmy effect, where the handlebars start to flutter at certain speeds.
Tip: To save money on new tyres, you can buy high-quality motorbike tyres from us in pairs. Depending on the brand and the product, we will grant you a discount that will protect your wallet.

Which motorbike tyres fit which rims?

The interaction between motorbike tyres and motorbike rims plays a decisive role with regard to handling and driving dynamics. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as several factors are important. The tyre size and the possible tyre width are determined on the basis of the existing rim width.

However, the type of motorbike you ride also plays a role in buying the right motorbike tyres. In the past, the manufacturer's clearance certificate was a reliable criterion. In the meantime, you have to obtain an expert opinion for tyres with changed parameters in terms of construction and dimensions, which requires paying a fee. When buying new motorbike tyres, you should also pay attention to the EU type approval and the tyre approval.

Popular electric motorbikes and matching tyres

At this time, electric motorbikes are still the exception on the roads. Surprisingly, Harley Davidson is one of the pioneers in this field. Zero Motorbikes is another manufacturer of E-biks from the US. With its Freeride model, KTM has an E-Enduro in its range. We can expect other established as well as so far rather unknown suppliers to enter the market in the future.
Apart from the new riding experience, motorbike tyres are subject to the same physical and mechanical conditions as all other models with combustion engines, depending on the type of motorbike. For this reason, most people opt for brand-name quality from well-known suppliers when buying standard tyres.

Breaking in new motorbike tyres

It is important to break in new tyres for motorbikes carefully. Freshly fitted, they still have a smooth surface with little grip. This is particularly noticeable in inclined positions – there is a risk that you will slip away if you ride carelessly.

Pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications concerning the mileage in km that is necessary to break in the tyres according to past experience. Whether the new motorbike tyres develop their full potential from 50, 100 or 200 km depends on your riding style and the routes chosen for this phase.

Use our website to order new motorbike tyres. Narrow down your search by motorbike type, tyre size, speed index and preferred manufacturer. Alternatively, start your search with the help of your motorbike brand. It has never been easier to find new tyres for your motorbike!

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