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Michelin AGILIS CAMPING 225/70 R15CP 112Q GRNX

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225/70 R15CP 112Q GRNX

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Summer tyresSummer tyres
Speed Index
Q: 99 mph/160 km/h !
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EU Tyre Label
Roll resistance C Wet grip B Noise emissions 270 dB
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Michelin has launched the new Agilis Camping tyre – currently the only motorcaravan tyre on the market with an M+S marking – as part of the new Michelin Agilis range for medium and heavy vans.

The Michelin Agilis Camping provides motorcaravan drivers with the same benefits as the Agilis van range: long tread life, enhanced safety performance and reduced fuel consumption. Reduced fuel consumption means reduced CO2 emissions which, when coupled with 20% more mileage than its predecessor means this is one of the greenest tyres available to those who enjoy the great outdoors.

The tyre’s three other main features are longevity, robustness and versatility.

It owes its longevity to the Durable Contact Patch, derived from the new Michelin Agilis which enables a useful life that extends over several seasons. Developed initially for truck tyres, Durable Contact Patch technology increases tyre life by optimising the tyre’s footprint.

The tyre’s robustness results from its reinforced, dual-casing architecture that allows for higher tyre pressure, and protected sidewalls. Each sidewall features eight protective shields that increase curb impact resistance.

Its versatility comes from the tread pattern and the rubber compound. The tread includes 30% more sipes and a 20% higher void ratio than the Michelin Agilis van tyres. The rubber compound delivers superior performance in a wide range of temperature conditions, ensuring optimal grip when occasionally used in mud or snow, on dirt tracks or in other difficult driving conditions. These rubber compounds also maintain superior grip, even when worn, and reduce wet braking distances by 3m compared to its predecessor.

The European motorcaravan market is very dynamic, with an 8% growth of sales in 2006. Moreover, between 1995 and 2005 the yearly growth of sales in the motorcaravan market was more than 9.5%, Michelin has now produced a tyre that is set to satisfy this growing market.

All sizes in the Michelin Agilis Camping range display the CP marking, indicating that they are certified for use on motorcaravans. This CP marking is provided by ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization) and it is specifically created for tyres capable of resisting occasionally severe driving conditions. The reinforced design of this tyre allows higher tyre pressure than the standard van tyre of the same size: 5.5 bar on the rear drive axlle.

Label: C-B-70

Tyre label / efficiency classes

We sell car tyres as 'new' if they are no older than two years.

Within this time span, there are labelled (manufactured after 01/07/2012) and unlabelled (manufactured before 01/07/2012) tyres with the same item number by the same manufacturer available for purchase.

Tyres of the same item number can be combined onto one axle of a vehicle, regardless of whether or not they have a label, as they have identical efficiency classes. Each respective manufacturer provides us with a verification of this.

We are sent the efficiency class values for each tyre from the manufacturer along with the item number or the IP Code and we pass these directly on to the customer regardless of production date, unless the item is older than 2 years.

In this case, the following performance classes are valid:

Roll resistance: C, Wet grip: B, Noise emissions: 70 dB.

If the tyre was manufactured after 01/07/2012, the tyre label displayed to the left is valid.

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