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Here you can find steel wheels for all common cars, SUVs, off-roaders and vans.

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Steel wheels

Many vehicle owners prefer steel rims to those made of alloy because of their ruggedness but also due to the lower price. They are made from high tenacity steel that is rolled. Technology has now advanced to the point that the weight benefit alloy rims once had is completely used up. The manufacturer have also taken a step forward to a better design presenting fancy steel rims in different forms and colours.

Resistant to Environmental Influences

Only steel rims designed for commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles are one-piece wheels. In fact multiple parts - namely rim tape, wheelbrace and wheel disc - are welded together and then lacquered. So steel rims brave grit and road salt. Because the weldseam are manufactured in sections, the rim gets sturdy and more durable. This long life fatigue strength is a big advantage to the substantially softer alloy rims. Trilex rims are often used for commercial vehicles. As the name implies they consist of three equal parts. They make a tyre change possible without dismantling the whole rim - the spoke wheel centre remains at the axle.

Finding the Proper Size Easily

When choosing the compatible rim width and diameter are as important as the number of holes. Most cars have four or fice holes, Bei Autos sind es meist vier bis fünf Löcher, off-road vehicles and lorries usually have more. Bolt circle and offset are futher criteria. Preventing you from buying the wrong product, the user guidance in our online shop is intuitive and foolproof. Just enter manufacturer, model and type of your vehicle and let us present you the proper steel rims. When assembling the wheels you should pay attention to the holes of the rim that have to be analogous to the holes at the car. Afterwards put all screws into the holes and fasten them with the impact driver (a torque spanner will do at a pinch). If you don't have time or capabilities to do the assembly by yourself, one of our fitting stations will help you with your rims or steel wheel and tyre package. Here you will find a partner near at hand.

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