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Viking tyres – The spirit of the North, embodied by technology

The Viking brand saga begins in Norway, in 1931. Having become an industry leader in its native country by the 70’s, Viking continued to grow and soon expanded to the international market. Highly dependable and competitively-priced Viking tyres have quickly earned a good reputation in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and the United States – with the manufacturer’s winter product line proving particularly noteworthy.

Viking has always taken great pride in its Northern core values, and continues to regard itself as a traditional tyre manufacturer placing quality and extreme dependability before all else. Today, the brand is owned by German tyre-manufacturing giant Continental, and the formidable Scandinavian spirit is backed by vast technological resources. This blend of Norwegian and German business culture and technology has generated an excellent new line of tyres for passenger cars and SUVs, all available in our online shop.

The Scandinavian approach to driving safety and performance is pleased to bring you the latest products from the Viking tyre catalogue, at very advantageous prices. If you need quality summer tyres, you must consider the excellent CityTech II model optimised for economical driving, the performance-orientated ProTech HP, or the highly reliable TransTech II for vans and other light commercial vehicles. If you are looking for effective winter tyres, the SnowTech II and SnowTech Van continue the Norwegian brand’s tradition of focusing on extreme grip and short braking distances on snow and ice – while keeping the price at very competitive levels.

Buy now two or more Viking tyres from our online shop, and delivery within the UK will cost you nothing! We offer the best prices and services, as well as plenty of useful information, making it easy for you to easily find the products that best suit your needs.

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