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White wall tyres

White wall tyres were once a common sight on our streets. Today, originals of these tyres - which were furnished with a white stripe or an entire white sidewall - are very difficult to find, so those wishing to recreate this look are forced to be somewhat inventive. While some classic car owners use modifiers such as white wall rings, these types of accessories often affect compliance of the tyre with legal regulations. Another option is to use white paint on the side of the tyre, though this option is hardly every used, since it doesn't look as authentic.

The Shift from White to Black

Where did white wall tyres come from? Well, natural rubber - from which the first tyres were made - is white. The tyres were made black with the subsequent inclusion of various compounds, including carbon black, which were added to increase their resistance to wear. There are now only limited numbers of manufacturers selling white wall tyres. They also exist for bikes, where their light-reflecting properties mean they are used primarily for improved visibility. White wall tyres used to be less valuable than their black counterparts; now, it's the other way round. Modern tyres often hve a smaller tyre section (meaning less space for a white sidewall) than tyres in the 1950s, when the white wall was in vogue.

New cars are no longer equipped with white tyres as standard, and they can even be hard to find as special accessories - the Lincoln Town Car, which ceased production in 2011, is the only exception. However, you can order new white wall tyres for your vehicle from the the mytyres.co.uk online shop. Many products fulfil current quality requirements and are furnished with a vulcanised white stripe on the side.