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Wheel & tyre packages for DACIA Sandero

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Dacia Sandero wheels - keeping you safe

Dacia Sandero is a fairly new supermini on the vehicle market, with the first model having been produced in 2007. The car itself is a joint between the French company Renault and the Romanian Dacia - which is actually Renault's subsidiary. Some countries such as Egypt, Iran, Russia, South America, South Africa or Mexico actually sell it as “Renault Sandero.” Still, this car is more Dacia than it is Renault; even the platform that it was made on is based on Dacia Logan. Packed with the right Dacia Sandero wheels, this car will keep you safe and comfortable, even if the road is not in a good condition.

Dacia Sandero wheels - maximum comfort

The car may be small, but it was designed to be super comfortable and safe. Both Renault and Dacia specialise in manufacturing cars and wheels that can glide over every road in comfort, no matter if that road is urban or rural. Drivers should not feel every rock under their wheel, nor should they have difficulties in keeping their grip on roads that are not as friendly. This is exactly why the grooves and tread pattern of the Dacia Sandero wheels are so deep and detailed; they need to be reliable, to prevent aquaplaning, but also to provide optimal speed on the road. And for the combo to be perfect, you need to pair the tyres with some good rims. If you are looking for a good set of Dacia Sandero wheels at attractive prices, you may go to mytyres.co.uk.