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Vredestein SPORTRAC 5 SUV

Vredestein is a Dutch company that has always focused on quality and high performance. Year after year, they have created 4x4 tyres not only for small (personal and commercial) cars but also for bikes, SUVs and tractors. They have managed to create summer and winter tyres alike, offering faithful customers exactly what they wanted for over a century. Starting small by only creating rubber balls and other small accessories, the company is now famous for offering reliability on the road. With the apparition of the Vredestein SPORTRAC 5 SUV tyres, the manufacturer has now reached yet another point in history.

Vredestein SPORTRAC 5 SUV - the silent companion

The SPORTRAC 5 SUV tyres were meant to be a quiet and comfortable addition to your SUV. Retaining most of the key features from the original SPORTRAC 5, these tyres excel when it comes to driving ability and stability. At the same time, they have the characteristics that make a perfect SUV tyre, coming with a high-pressure point that can withstand any kind of weight. The wheels will have an optimised grip over the road in addition to a short braking distance.These tyres will be subtle on any kind of terrain, absorbing the shock and offering the passengers a comfortable journey, no matter where they go. The thread depth will also promote fuel economy.


Buy a set of Vredestein SPORTRAC 5 SUV tyres and put them to a test with your own SUV, enjoying perfect traction in any kind of weather.