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Viking SnowTech II SUV

Who doesn't want their tyres to be fit for the use of a Viking? The Norse seafarers were known and feared for the power and strength they showed during their raids. They also went down in history due to the fact that they conquered lands. Now, the Viking tyres are pursuing that exact power, concentrating on the main strengths that a tyre is supposed to have. The brand became one of the most trusted throughout the entire Norway, having a market share that goes way past 50%. Like the Norse plunderers, the Viking SnowTech II SUV tyres will also conquer any type of road in any season.

Viking SnowTech II SUV

Viking SnowTech II SUV: improving the old generations

Choosing a set of winter tyres for your SUV is no easy task. You need to read review after review to find the information that you need. In the case of the SnowTech SUV, you can know for sure that the silica tech found within the thread can provide support on snow-covered roads - and other winter conditions altogether. At the same time, its V-pattern provides you with a good traction that enables short braking distances - feat proved in a test drive as well. Thanks to its optimised rolling resistance, you will also benefit from less fuel consumption.


Check the mytyres.co.uk database, and look around for the right size of Viking SnowTech II SUV tyres at a good, convenient price.