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The new Uniroyal WinterExpert

Winter offers challenges.
Our expert offers a worry-free ride.

The new Uniroyal WinterExpert

Rain, freezing rain, sleet or snow winter comes in many forms which make driving challenging.

With more than 50 years of rain tyre experience, we know exactly how to deal with wet and snowy roads. Introducing the Uniroyal WinterExpert the innovative tyre that handles every challenge that winter has to offer.

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Uniroyal WinterExpert

An exceptional solution for heavy rain.

In winter, you cannot always trust the weather forecasts but you can trust your tyres. The new tread pattern design and Shark Skin Technology provide excellent handling performance on wet roads and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Experience ideal driving conditions even in not so ideal weather conditions!

High performance at low temperatures.

When the cold days come, your driving pleasure stays. Due to the unique 3D zig zag groove structure this tyre ensures great snow traction and snow handling performance. In this way, you always reach your destination safe and relaxed even in snow or rain.

Fuel savings for more smiles per hour.

Now, you can enjoy the wintry season even more. The improved rolling resistance performance provides extra high mileage. It'’s innovative silica compound reduces energy loss and ensures good braking performance at the same time. So, your new tyres keep your mood up, even on dark and cold winter days.

Uniroyal*. A brand of Continental.

* Under exclusive licence in Europe.