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MS plus 77

Over 90% of Uniroyal buyers are so satisfied with their tyres that they would recommend them to friends and family. Why not discover for yourself the performance of our Uniroyal winter tyres MS plus 77.

MS plus 77

The new MS plus 77 is the special tyre for wet and cold winters. Suitable for all cars.

  • Handling: Excellent stability on cold roads, both wet and dry
  • Aquaplaning: Reduced risk, especially on slushy roads
  • Grip: Increased traction on snow and ice

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What our customers say

I totally recommend the tyres on wet roads. They are very good in dry conditions. Very good braking performance, especially on wet roads. Very good value for money.
Very good tyres, no problems in snow and rain. I would buy again.

Overview of all ratings*

Dry grip Wet grip Traction on snow Dry braking Wet braking
Ride comfort Noise Tyre wear Fuel consumption

* Source: tyretest.com; average of all ratings from 12 countries for the Uniroyal MS plus 77 (03/2014 - 06/2019)

Uniroyal. A brand of Continental.