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The Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA is a Ultra High Performance summer tyre,belonging to the premium class. It naturally retains all the qualities of the Ultrac series, adding a sporty dimension – as immediately announced by the Giugiaro Design developed tread patter. This obviously is a tyre that has been conceived for sporty driving. For this reason, it comes with a speed rating of 300 kn/h. Sessanta is also a tribute by Vredestein to its 60 years of existence in Enschede. “Sessanta” is Italian for “sixty”, and this name has been chosen in honour of Vredestein's collaboration with Giugiaro Design.

Computer designed optimised summer tyres

The rather spectacular profile design is not only meant for display – the tread void pattern has considerable benefits for the performance of these summer tyres. The outline, profile, and structure are all computer designed and optimized, specifically adapted for each size variant. This leads to excellent performance in all weather conditions. The “Handling Tuned Tread Compound” rubber mixture ensures optimal transmission of transversal forces, providing excellent roadholding in the corners, even at high speed. Also, the “Handling Tuned Sidewall” principle contributes to precise tyre behaviour on the road, since optimal contact with the tarmac is an essential aspect of safety. The Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA also employs a double-layered rayon carcass structure, providing more structural rigidity, which contributes to enabling the driver to remain in control in difficult situations. The Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA is also available in the Runflat version for the 245/40 RF 18 Y size, which makes it possible to keep driving on a flat tyre for as much as another 80 km, at a speed of up to 80 km/h.

Successfully passed summer tyre tests

Following “Auto Motor Sport”'s 2010 summer tyre test, the magazine's editors have confirmed the Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA's optimal properties on dry roads, as well as the low rolling noise levels. Hydroplaning control could also not be faulted. This particular trial is where many tyres fail to deliver – wet road surfaces have always been challenging for summer tyres, and this represents a serious safety consideration. Also in 2010, the Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA was tested by the GermanSportauto” magazine. The tyre has been awarded a maximal rating in the hydroplaning test, managing to maintain control over seven mm water pockets, going to a speed of 80 km/h before hydroplaning effects begun to appear. Order now the Vredestein ULTRAC SESSANTA on mytyres.co.uk, and you get an excellent set of summer tyres that can handle the worst of weather conditions.

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