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Vredestein Snowtrac 3 tyres

Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3 An intelligent winter tyre

Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3

Are you looking for an uncompromisingly focused winter tyre, wearing the badge of a well-respected manufacturer? If so,we recommend to your consideration the Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3. It has already proven itself in many tests organized by auto clubs and magazines, and it will convince you as well. Order the Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3 now on mytyres.co.uk, and benefit from our competitive pricing policy.

An intelligent winter tyre

What are the most important qualities of a winter tyre? Many drivers value, above all else, safe and confident tyre behaviour on roads covered with ice and snow. This particular tyre is a trustworthy partner in harsh weather conditions. Vredestein now offers a model that shows noticeable improvement over the previous generation. One remarkable feature is the sawtooth-shaped central groove, ensuring better transversal grip on wet and snow-covered roads. Grip levels are also boosted by the Optimum Silica & Polymer Processing (OS&PP) rubber compound mixture. The transversal siping pattern of the Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3 allows for effective dissipation and self-maintenance, ensuring consistently high grip values on snow and ice. In its 2010 winter tyre test, ADAC has granted the Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3 a 1.7 rating for overall behaviour on snow-covered, winding mountain roads, a 2.0 rating for ABS braking, and a 2.2 rating for tread wear. This result is owed to the special tread void design that shapes the shoulder lugs so that tread wear is uniform, and overall performance is enhanced. In the previous year, a test by “Auto Motor Sport” magazine had yielded similar results. Traction on snow, braking distances on dry tarmac, and directional stability in the wet had been particularly well rated. The rounded contact surface provides optimal water dissipation,leading to especially good ratings in hydroplaning tests.

SAFETY spelled in capital letters

In addition to aspects relating to safety on snow-covered roads, comfort levels must also receive due consideration. In order to reduce rolling noise levels, Vredestein uses the Centre Shift System®, which employs optimised placing of tread features right and left of the central block, aimed at minimizing vibrations and noise. Overall, the Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3 is a balanced byre that can effectively handle the challenges of driving on snowy roads. Add to this low tread wear and good fuel economy,and you should find this to be a tempting offer. While its price is certainly more affordable than that of comparable products from other well-known manufacturers,it still offers good performance values.

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