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Uniroyal RainExpert

A product bearing such a name promises to be a ''rain expert'',and the Uniroyal RainExpert fulfils this promise. This summer tyre offers maximum safety while driving in the rain because it was designed especially for such weather conditions. Of course, it also has optimum qualities on dry roads.
The Uniroyal RainExpert makes use of doubly-concave tread voids with a large volume in the middle of the profile – therefore water will not be retained, but rather it will be efficiently dispersed,reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Braking distances on dry and wet roads are equally shortened due to the centrally orientated tread lugs. This is possible because the half-blocks are very well supported, having a positive impact on longitudinal profile stiffness.

Long life span and maximum safety

The profile's rigidity is optimum,evenly spread out throughout the entire surface structure. In difficult situations, the Uniroyal RainExpert offers high security levels. In addition to this, the tyre's tread wears out evenly, ensuring a long life span. During ADAC summer tyre tests, the Uniroyal RainExpert's performance was found to be especially convincing in the rain. Stability while driving has always been optimum, and the short braking distance were also noted - an impressive 1.5 rating for hydroplaning, and a 1.8 rating for manoeuverability. Even the editors of "Auto Bild" magazine could not find weaknesses regarding these criteria. These summer tyres also received positive reviews for fuel economy in the ADAC and "Stiftung Warentest" tests.

Available in many sizes

The Uniroyal RainExpert is available in sizes of 13 to 16 inches, and also in special sizes for SUV's. It can be purchased in T, H, V or W speed index variants, approved for speeds of up to 270 km/h. On, you can order this rain expert for a very reasonable price. Order today, and own some of the best summer tyres on the market. You may also provide an address for a fitting station in your proximity, and the tyres can be delivered there directly. - an offer by Delticom AG 20.08.2019 02:13