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Pirelli P Zero tyres

Pirelli P ZERO - great features and competitiveness Pirelli P ZERO - the ideal summer tyres for sport driving enthusiasts

Pirelli P ZERO - great features and competitiveness

Pirelli P ZERO tyre is exemplary for the high-performance segment of tyres. Featuring a unique asymmetric profile, it has been engineered specifically for sports cars. Meanwhile, middle class and top class vehicles can be equipped with this performance tyre, for unmatched optimisation. Many car manufacturers use it for original equipment performance models (including the Audi, Jaguar and Maserati driving fast through crowds). That is mainly due to its asymmetric profile, Pirelli P ZERO, which ensures excellent handling and shorter braking distances. Also, this makes it available for equipping numerous cars.

Pirelli P ZERO - the ideal summer tyres for sport driving enthusiasts

The mixture of the tyre tread features an innovative composition of nano particles. Its primary goal is to provide maximum grip and outstanding driving stability. The robust tyre structure is responsible with ensuring high-precision handling and wear. Meanwhile, the spline profile in the form of S minimises the noise during each drive, as the pressure distribution is uniformly spread. The three ditches’ profile Pirelli P ZERO is surprisingly rigid, which enhances the traction, especially when you’re speeding your vehicle on the highway. Additionally, the high-profile blocks of the tyre’s outer shoulders contribute to effortless turning and steering, thus improving manageability. The Pirelli P ZERO tyre has three wide longitudinal grooves, which are positively remarkable especially when driving during rain. Traction is quintessential for your safety, and for enjoying a pleasurable drive. However, unpleasant weather has a way of getting in the way of that. To that end, whenever the road is wet, the drained water will reduce the risk of aquaplaning. In the summer of 2010, the "Sportauto" magazine tested the tyre, in an attempt to determine its accuracy on a slippery road, as well as dry roads. This performance tyre obtained some of the most promising results: 35.5 meters braking distance from 100 km/h. Two years later, it would get the good marks from the "Autobild" magazine and in 2011 for "Autozeitung" qualifier "highly recommended".

Pirelli P ZERO - enjoy unconditional performance, in every season

The Pirelli P ZERO tyre is considered a top balanced summer tyre, and a trusted partner for sport drivers. It drives excellently in wet conditions, as the tread pattern aims at preventing potential aquaplaning scenarios, especially during the summer season. The nano-composite compound plays a fundamental role in optimising your car’s stability, as well. Meanwhile, the structural integrity of the tyre increases the stability and the grip - this element is compulsory in sport driving, not to mention that it ensures uniform tread wear. That’s primarily because it combines high levels of safety with good steering, handling and short braking. If you don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to picking your high-performance summer tyres, the Pirelli P ZERO is due to address your specifications. Additionally, it is an appropriate choice for a multitude of cars, being available in sizes from 17 to 22 inches. If you know that this is the tyre for you, you can get yours on mytyres.co.uk, the online shop where you can get a new qualitative tyre product. Benefit from our convenient offers and free delivery!

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