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Nokian WR D3

Nokian WR D3 is an excellent winter tyre that won various trials organized by specialized magazines and automobile clubs. It provides a higher degree of safety without holding back anything of the driving pleasure. This fits perfectly with drivers of small sport cars as well as mid-class and compact cars. During the winter, not only ice and snow conditions are challenging for your tyres. The driver must also pay attention to snow and mud covered roads, where a tyre can easily float on water. This is not the case of the Nokian WR D3 tyre. Due to its special unidirectional profile, this tyre dissipates the mud and snow. The process works like this: the transversal grooves are diagonally arranged and finely polished. The so-called Slush Blower actively throws the water, mud and snow from the grooves, making sure that the tyre is permanently in contact with the road surface.

Caution: tyre wear

In order for this aspect to be monitored, the Nokian WR D3 tyre has a tread which is deep enough. This is the aspect that the tyre's producer had in mind: a tread wear indicator called Driving Safety Indicator (abbreviated as: DSI) that shows how deep is the central groove. This indicator is placed on the tyre profile's cube, where the snowflake symbol is visible as long as the tread depth is not below 4 mm. The Nokian WR D3 tyre does not offer only performance and safety, the tyre is also cost-effective. The profile cubes mentioned above are lamellated and framed, which produces an extreme rigidity - Nokian calls this technology "Cool Touch". This reduces the tyre profile's mobility and the rolling resistance, which has a positive impact on the fuel consumption and reduces the emission of CO2.

No weakness on the ADAC test on winter tyres

On the 2013 ADAC tests on winter tyres, the Nokian WR D3 tyre scored "good" and was regarded as a "very balanced" tyre. The results of the tests showed that in none of the 7 criteria test did the Nokian WR D3 tyre got a lower score than 2.3 and on dry roads, no other tyre managed to surpass it. Under consumption and wear categories, this tyre showed no weakness. Therefore, the ideal of an environmentally friendly tyre with sport qualities was achieved. We share this opinion and this is why the Nokian WR A3 tyre can be purchased from in a large range of tyre sizes.

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