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Nokian WR A3 tyres

Nokian WR A3 High efficiency and minimum rolling resistance

Nokian WR A3

Nokian WR A3 is a winter tyre specially designed for cars with powerful engines. A driver who likes driving at high speeds needs at tyre that will provide safety on ice and snow covered roads. This is not the only aspect that makes Nokian WR A3 a top tyre - this is an environmentally friendly tyre and its rubber mixture is enriched with nano particles and canola oil (rapeseed).The Nokian WR A3 tyre has an asymmetric profile. The inside part has a special structure that ensures a better water, mud and snow dissipation- thus decreasing the risk of aquaplaning. Besides that, the adherence on wet, snow and icy roads is ensured by the tread's silica mixture (the "Cryogenic Canola Compound"). This compound is made of natural rubber,silica and canola oil. It offers optimal grip regardless the temperature. It also has a positive effect on wear.

High efficiency and minimum rolling resistance

The tread's longitudinal grooves have a special design that reminds of golf balls - thus the rolling resistance and rolling noise are essentially reduced which has a great influence on the rolling comfort and also on the fuel consumption. That allows the air that travels through the tread to cool the tyre. As a result,the Nokian WR A3 tyre has a longer lifespan.The rolling noise is reduced through a special area in the sidewall,which interrupts the vibrations and transfers them to an area of protuberance.

Winter tyre with a tread wear indicator

In order to drive safety with Nokian WR A3 tyres on snow and icy roads, the tyre has an innovative tread wear indicator which allows you to check the tread depth. There, you can also see the snowflake symbol - if this symbol is still clearly visible then the tyre's profile still has a depth of at least 4 mm. On the "Sportauto" magazine's test from 2012 performed on winter tyres,the Nokian WR A3 tyre stood out by its short braking distance, good traction on snowy roads and its rolling grip on dry roads. On the same year,the same results were noticed by "Auto Bild allrad" magazine.

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