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Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 8

Goodyear Ultra GRIP 8 is a great winter profile with numerous innovative technologies. Based on numerous successful previous models, this innovative development is Non plus ultra on ice and snow. The tyre has a special compound of tread which provides in temperatures below 0 degrees sufficient grip to remain elastic.In addition,wear occurs more slowly and make the Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 8 lasts longer.

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Revolutionary 3D-BIS Goodyear

At a test of TRW Automotive in December 2010 during the Finnish winter,the braking distance of TRW Automotive was one meter shorter that the two competing tyres of two important manufacturers.In the test, the speed of a Golf IV was reduced from 50 to 5 km/h. This performance is being made possible by using the 3D-BIS-A technology by Goodyear, which connects profile block between them, in order for the rigidity to achieve the maximum.This technology provides excellent maneuverability in all weather conditions. Even if you use the Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 8 tyre for several winters-- his V profile maintains its performance capacity for a longer time.

Winner to the test with a remarkable performance

The V profile design with grooves reduce the aquaplaning especially when slush and humidity covers the roads—the grooves simply drain the water.To the test mentioned above resulted a resistance with a 16% better at the transverse aquaplaning then the other profiles.

But the Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 8 has convinced the others examiners, for example at the ADAC winter tyres test from 2012. It obtained the highest rating on slippery surface, but also on ice and snow roads it was flawlessly. In addition it was noted by reduced rolling resistance and low consumption. None the less it got a good rating for wear. A year before, the Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 8 tyre was already the winner at the test realised by "Auto Zeitung". It was efficient in all areas and did not leave the competition any change---however other 13 winter tyres were tested on vehicles such as Audi A4 and VW Touran up to the smallest detail. Purchase the test winner at a super price on We offer you the Goodyear ULTRA GRIP 8 in many different size and we offer free delivery if you order more than 1 item.On top you have the possibility to send the tyre to a fitting station where it can be mounted immediately. [X]

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