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Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres

Dunlop Winter Sport 5 - Performance combined with safety and spirited driving

Dunlop Winter Sport 5 is a prime example of how fast the innovation happens in the tyre industry. New factors keep influencing a buyer's decision such as fuel efficiency, driving dynamics, cornering and speed ratings etc. Dunlop has gone one step ahead with Winter Sport 5 that is known to deliver sound performance across all benchmarks. It has even performed better than its Goodyear counterparts in certain tests especially rolling resistance. Its wet driving prowess is well defined in the industry. Little rear movement means good balance on extreme driving conditions. If you are looking for a wholesome tyre with dual weather characteristics, buy Dunlop Winter Sport 5 from mytyres.co.uk.

What makes Dunlop Sport 5 rivals bite the dust

  • Higher lateral grip - When it comes to the slippery surfaces, it performs spectacularly. Flexible angled center sipes are innovative in nature which lets them open up and grab the surface while cornering. So, winter driving is a piece of cake
  • Snow performance - With higher number of blocks (meaning more edges), the performance on snow-covered roads is phenomenal. Traction comes standard with more corner edges.
  • Aquaplaning defense - More water can be pushed faster under the tyre due to smart aquaplaning characteristics. This helps maintain supreme control on road even in case of heavy slush and rains.
  • Fuel efficiency - Low rolling resistance and advance tyre compound means higher fuel efficiency.

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