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195/65 R15

According to the 195/65 R15 designation pattern, the number before the slash indicates the tyre’s width, without also specifying the unit – millimetres. This, however, is only partly true, on account of the manufacturing tolerances allowed in tyre production. The width of a tyre is given by the maximum distance between the inner and, respectively, outer side walls. Measuring this distance involves mounting the tyre on the rim, generating some degree of tyre wall deformation that may induce slight deviations from the specified width.

Normal tyre profile of 65 per cent

The height of a tyre cannot be determined simply by looking at its designation.The number after the slash represents a percentage figure for the ratio between the width and height of the tyre,also known as tyre tread. For 195/65/15 tyres, the height is 126.75 mm. This is calculated as 65 per cent of 195mm, or the tyre width. A profile of 65 is normal in the context of low profile tyres. There are also high profile tyres with 80 per cent width to height ratio values,but this is not specified by tyre designation.

What is the rim size in question?

The number 15 at the end of the 195/65 15 designation stands for the inner radius of the tyre,given in inches. Thus, it becomes apparent that a rim must be purchased in order to mount the tyre. If you are uncertain about which rims to choose, you can easily access the complete wheel section on our website. These wheel and tyre packages are available in stores and, of course, on mytyres.co.uk.

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