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Tyre Shipping

Tyre shipping by an online shop like mytyres.co.uk is a convenient alternative to buying tyres at the local dealer because of many advantages:

  • Low prices: As the store rent drops, we can offer savings to our customers.
  • Wide range: Most only tyre shops have a huge warehouse and therefore a wide range of products.
  • Fast Delivery: Due to short distances from the order to the logistics department tyres will be at the customer usually within two or three business days.
  • No transportation problem: You can order the goods directly to a workshop or one of our fitting partners, so that they can be mounted there - a transportion by yourself is not neccessary.

Of course local dealers also offer suitable tyres. However, they must be ordered in many cases as the range of products is limited on-site due to the variety of brands and sizes. This causes waiting times. Take advantage of the benefits of an online tyre shipping - the time exposure is low. Simply choose the required size or vehicle brand / model / type and order your tyres. We also offer several payment options and usually shipping is free of charge.