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Old Tyres Disposal

Three tyres

© Oleksandr Moroz FOTOLIA

If the tyres are worn, new tyres are needed. You get them low in price on mytyres.co.uk, which solves the first problem. But a second follows immediately: What to do with old tyres?

Disposal in the household waste is not allowed, because it is "hazardous waste". Some companies are specialised in the old tyres disposal - free of charge for customers. Many of our fitting partners offer a scrap tyre disposal.

Not all of the hundreds of thousands of used tyres accumulated annually will be burned. Many of them come back on sale as retreaded tyres or the companies deal with the raw materials such a tyre is made of. Often used tyres disposal is also offered by local tyre dealers, if you buy your new tyres there. Local civic waste collection points are another possibility. Sometimes tyres also serve as practical tools, for example as curbs on go-kart tracks or as damper under seesaws on playgrounds.

When To Dispose Tyres

Even in the garage at home old tyres find a use, for example for preventing contacts of vehicle parts with the garage wall. Before looking for a company for the disposal of old tyres, you should consider whether you can use the tyres for another purpose. Of course, not on the vehicle as damaged tyres or those with a tread depth below 1.6 mm are no longer roadworthy. The tyre age plays a role as well: If the tyre is older than eight years, even if it was unused several years, it should be replaced.