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Tyre changing information

The tyres of a vehicle should always match the weather conditions to grant maximum safety and optimum handling. (stopping distance, fuel efficiency). For this reason the tyres should be changed every six months, from winter tyres to summer tyres and vice versa. Rule of thumb: Winter tyres from O to E; from October until Easter.

No matter if you decide to change your tyres by yourself or bring your car to a workshop, all important information about tyre changing can be found here:

Tyre Fitting: What should I pay attention to?

Tyre changing of a complete wheel

Changing a complete wheel

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Every driver has to change tyres regularly. The old tyres will be demounted from the rim and replaced by new tyres. However, this is possible only in a workshop as special equipment is required. Our tyre fitters use it as well and are available for a tyre change at all times. The situation is different when changing wheels - anyone can do it. With jack, wheel wrench and torque wrench complete wheels are replaced quickly. The following steps are necessary:

  1. Engage first gear and apply the handbrake.
  2. Loosen wheel nuts crosswise.
  3. Lift vehicle with the jack.
  4. Remove wheel nuts completely.
  5. Take the wheel from the axle and put it under the car.
  6. Put new wheel on the axle.
  7. Remove old wheel from under the car.
  8. Put down the vehicle.
  9. Tighten wheel nuts crosswise.

When mounting the new wheels always keep the tyre rolling direction and the correct torque in mind (use a torque wrench!). You should also switch the wheels (at the next changing mount the front tyres at the rear and vice versa). Check the air pressure st the next petrol station and tighten the wheel nuts if necessary. Wheel change is finished!

Checking the tyre condition

A wheel or tyre change can be necessary due to various reasons. Firstly, not all drivers us all-season tyres and therefore need a tyre change twice a year. Previously, you should check if the tyres still have the minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. If not, you will get your new set of tyres on mytyres.co.uk within a few days. Or maybe your tyres are too old - have a look at the four-digit DOT number on the side edge as it indicates the calendar week and year of manufacturing. After no more than eight years a tyre should be disposed, even if it has a acceptable tread - the rubber compound is not made for eternity.

Tyre Changing Costs

What are the costs of a tyre changing? Mytyres.co.uk and its partner shops all over Europe have many fitting partners. Only in Europe we have 40.000 partner workshops. An average of the budget for a tyre /wheel change was build based on this data:

  • Ø costs for wheel changing: 1,50 € per wheel
  • Ø costs for tyre changing / tyre fitting: 12,58 € per tyre

When changing tyres you should keep in mind that the workshop might charge additional fees for tyre balancing or new valves. The exact price you should clarify with your workshop.

Tyre Fitting

Although wheel and tyre packages are a comfortable thing, many motorists still decide to change tyres in a workshop twice a year as a tyre fitting is not feasible at home due to the necessary technical equipment. The experts have not only the right tool, but also know what to do with UHP or runflat tyres. But even complete wheels need a tyre change after a few years, when the tyres are worn - even earlier at tyre damages.

All About Tyre Fitting

Using a tyre changer machine with mounting arm and bead breaker a tyre can be dismounted and pulled back on the rim later. Here are some necessary steps are:

    • Loosening valve core
    • Deflating the tyre
    • Depressing the tyre bead
    • Setting the rim on the machine centrally
    • Dismantling wheel weights
    • Customizing mounting arm on rim size
    • Rotating up the tyre beads
    • Inserting new valve
Tyre mounting with  the machine

Tyre mounting on the rim


Of course, it is important that the new tyre is approved for the rim. This can be found in the vehicle documents. The tyres must be checked regarding damage and age. In addition, a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm is required by law. But even at 3 mm you should buy a new tyre - for example on mytyres.co.uk. You can use one of our service stations for the tyre fitting and as delivery address for your order.