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When it comes to creating the perfect set of tyres, Toyo seems to stop at nothing until they have the perfect product. The manufacturer has created tyres for any kind of vehicle you may drive. They will range from commercial trucks to CUV, SUV, light trucks, luxury sedans and sports cars. The apparition of the Toyo SNOWPROX S 954 marked a peak in driving performance, the company describing it as the ''fire that burns inside every driver''. Checking and maintaining your tyres is what will keep you safe on the road, with no further problems in your way.

Toyo SNOWPROX S 954 - get a grip!

No matter the season, your car needs to be able to keep itself on the road. After all, it just needs to feel like ''fly'' not to actually fly. A good set of tyres will be able to keep you steady on the road, having a dry/wet stability. If the roads are very slippery, the braking distance can be dangerous with the wrong kind of tyres. In this case, the SNOWPROX S 954 can provide you with a shorter braking distance and good steering control. It will be able to balance the weight of the car, keeping it straight and steady.


The Toyo SNOWPROX S 954 can be an asset for your vehicle during dry or rainy summers, as well as snowy winters. All of the tyres that leave the factory go through a performance test, to ensure your safety. Look for tyres on the online shop mytyres.co.uk and experience a safe ride.