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Toyo Celsius

Toyo is a Japanese tyre manufacturer that has become a benchmark for excellent performance, innovation and first-class services. The history of the producer has begun in 1945, when Rikimatsu Tomihisa has founded Toyo Tyre & Rubber Co, in Japan. In 1966, Toyo directed its attention towards the American tyre market, where the brand has flourished. Today, the head office in the USA is located in Cypress, California. For over 65 years, Toyo has been focused on providing impeccable services; the manufacturer has developed a wide range of products, such as the Toyo Celsius, which were distributed in America, Europe, and Asia. Toyo has built a strong reputation on the tyre market, by embracing an innovative approach, and directing the focus on quality and performance. For this reason, Toyo tyres have been well received by drivers. Hence, they were voted as the number one tyre brand for consecutive years.

Toyo Celsius - revolutionary performance for all types of terrain

The Toyo Celsius is recognised as an all-weather tyre, featured by versatility and variability. It ensures good snow and ice traction, which is better compared to a typical all-weather product, having a tread life that is longer than a standard winter tyre. It's created for drivers who wish to benefit from the convenience of year-round use. The wide lateral grooves facilitate the evacuation of water, in this way diminishing the risk of hydroplaning, and improving the grip on wet surfaces.


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