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Star Performer SUV 2 - the friendly giant

Owned by Delticom, Star Performer is a brand that always places safety over everything else. Performance is also a given since a tyre that performs well is also a tyre that is safe. In order to produce comfortable summer tyres, Star Performer uses superior computer simulation technology that will test the effectiveness of their tyre. As the name "Star Performer" suggests, the tyres are designed to offer "star" quality along with the use of the latest technologies that do not compromise on safety. They offer everything from summer to winter tyres - with the Star Performer SUV 2 being the top choice for summer tyres when it comes to large vehicles.

Star Performer SUV 2 - the safe change

Star Performer Logo

Once your remaining tread pattern reaches a certain low level, you are required to change the tyres. When it comes to summer tyres, for instance, that remaining tread depth is 1.6 mm while winter tyres have a minimum of 5.0. Once it goes lower than that depth, it is no longer safe to drive with those tyres - and this means that you'll have to change them. The Star Performer SUV 2 is a summer tyre meant for heavy SUV use, designed to increase manoeuvrability and speed on summer trips.

Star Performer SUV 2 Tyre

However, tread debt decreases with usage - so once it goes below the legal 1.6 mm, you might want to change it at mytyres.co.uk with a new one. You will receive an attractive 40% discount by collaborating with this tyre retailer. Plus, for tread depth levels ranging from 3.0 to 4.99 mm, the manufacturer supplies a 60% discount. You can save even more if the tread depth is of 5.0 to 5.99, as you can get an 80% discount, in this case. The most considerable benefit, however, is that you receive a new Star Performer tyre for free if the remaining tread depth is higher than 6.0 mm.