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Nexen N blue HD Plus 195/55 R16 87V 4PR


Nexen N blue HD Plus
195/55 R16 87V 4PR

Tyre size
195/55 R16 87V 4PR  Change 
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Type of Tyre
Summer tyres
Speed Index
V: Approved up to 149 mph
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Get Closer to Nature More Safely on N'blue HD Plus

Do you have your own way of releasing stress? Some people go up a mountain and shout while others listen to music or confide in their friends. You may want to go on a drive to ease your stress if you are a Nexen Tire fan. A drive for its own sake when you are down or just feeling gloomy will put you in a much better mood. To better help you with your drive for a change of mood or a release of stress, Nexen Tire has launched a new, exciting product: N’blue HD Plus, an upgraded version of N’blue HD with better performance and improved features that are the product of extensive investment in R&D.

Key Performance

Utmost Handling Performance

Efficient water drainage: Computer simulated four circumferential grooves and slightly curved lateral grooves effectively evacuate water and resist hydroplaning.

Outstanding straight driving stability: Continuous 3 center ribs help directional driving stability at a high speed.

Maximized Wet Performance

Jointless Bead Wire & High Hardness Bead Filler: Improve high speed stability and deliver better handling and steering response.

Maximized Wet Grip Compound: By applying the latest silica & advanced materials compounding technology, Maximized wet grip and higher fuel efficiency are secured at same time.

Reduced Rolling Resistance

High performance cornering: Solid shoulder rib facilitates precise cornering and keeps in tune with every corner by distributing forces.

Excellent driving stability in wet roads: Lateral grooves achieved by effective drainage enhance driving stability in wet roads.

Optimized Best Contour System (OBCS)

High Tensile Steel Belts: Enhance braking function with optimized grip pressure and stress dispersion by OBCS technology.

Optimized Carcass Contour System (OCCS)

High Modulus Carcass: Minimizes tire deformation and helps maintain the tire's shape to enhance driving stability with OCCS technology.

Put differently, based on the EU Labeling standard for easier comparison, the tire has better wet grip, rolling resistance and noise performance. With improved stability on wet roads, the N’blue HD Plus received many ‘A’s in wet braking, the highest level under the EU Labeling standard.Its wet grip, one aspect of a tire highly regarded in Europe, has also been improved, as 18 out of its 44 categories previously rated B received A. In addition, 16 categories in rolling resistance and 15 categories in noise were rated higher, allowing the tire to provide a higher level of silence and better ride. Its fuel efficiency is higher now, with 5 percent more mileage compared to its predecessor. Nexen Tire is committed to delivering higher quality and performance to customers through continued improvement and sustained investment in R&D.

NblueHDPLUS tyre review

Average based on 755 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 9,421

16.02.2023 from Alasdair
Fitted to the vehicle already when purchased.. They are an adequate budget tyre for perhaps city driving however they are poor in the wet. Lack any feedback in more active driving and in the wet have poor grip and braking performance with significant understeer in even damp conditions with even slightly 'active' driving. I've removed them off the car half worn and replaced with a premium brand as I'm not comfortable with their performance on mainly wet UK roads.

12.01.2023 from Ian
I bought these tires as a cheaper alternative to a Continental tire, because the grip in wet conditions was rated excellent. That seems to be true. This type of tire is designed for lower rolling resistance and increased fuel economy - often that comes with lower wet grip. Not in this case.

06.12.2022 from Yashwant
Always use this brand and model of tires. Because of its durability, and reliability. Best for me.

05.02.2022 from George "Warrior"
- Pretty good-short-braking and grip. In both wet and dry. Also, very good road feedback. - Comfort, economy, and quite tyres. With pretty good quality and price. - I will buy it again and again, for real. -Highly recommend it for me. GEORGE "WARRIOR", NORTH GREECE, THESSALONIKI / SUZUKI IGNIS-(2019), 1.2CC, 90HP / TYRES: 175/60/R16

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