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Michelin X-Ice Snow 235/55 R17 103H XL, Nordic Compound


Michelin X-Ice Snow
235/55 R17 103H XL, Nordic Compound

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235/55 R17 103H XL, Nordic Compound  Change 
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Type of Tyre
Winter tyres
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol
Speed Index
H: Approved up to 130 mph
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at the moment, this product is not in stock
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Delticom Product Description


Michelin X-Ice Snow: Top Winter Tyres for Safety

Looking for winter tyres that’ve got your back? The Michelin X-Ice Snow is where it’s at. They’re designed to keep you safe and rolling, not just when they’re brand new, but for winters down the road.

Ultimate Snow & Ice Confidence
When winter’s throwing its worst at you, you need tyres that grip like a champ. The Michelin X-Ice Snow, with its deep 3D sipes, grabs onto ice and snow, cutting down your stopping distance. Thanks to the Flex-Ice 2.0 compound and EverWinterGrip tech, these tyres keep performing even after a few winters. Talk about peace of mind!

Excellent Winter Traction These tyres aren’t just about getting through winter—they're about owning it. The special design fights off hydroplaning, giving you better control on slushy roads. The V-shaped tread pattern isn’t just for looks; it helps clear out snow and slush like a pro.

Long Lasting Winter Tread Why settle for less? The Michelin X-Ice Snow lasts longer than many others, giving you an extra winter of reliable service. With interlocking 3D sipes and innovative tread designs, these tyres stick to the road, no matter if you're speeding up, slowing down, or turning.

Quiet & Comfortable Ride
Hate that loud hum from winter tyres? The X-Ice Snow is made for a quieter ride, so your trips are more comfortable. No more yelling over tyre noise!

Great Fuel Efficiency
Who says winter tyres can’t be fuel-efficient? With a fuel rating from B to C, these tyres help you go the extra mile without guzzling gas.

  • Variants and Sizes: Comes in 8 different variants, from 16 to 20-inch rims.
  • Wet Grip Rating: Tested with a wet grip rating of F.
  • Noise Levels: Noise ratings range from 69 to 71.

Ready to gear up for winter? The Michelin X-Ice Snow tyres are available online now. Enjoy better grip, braking, and handling with these winter winners.

Business Reviews
Profile:X-Ice Snow
Review Date Test Facility Dimensions Review Text Review Rating Seal
10/2022 Tyre Reviews 235/55 R17 103H XL, Nordic Compound Highly recommended
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