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Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/35 R20 95W XL VOL


Michelin Pilot Sport 4
245/35 R20 95W XL VOL

Tyre size
245/35 R20 95W XL VOL  Change 
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Type of Tyre
Summer tyres
Speed Index
W: Approved up to 168 mph
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European Production
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  • “Dynamic Response“ Technology: a hybrid belt of Aramid and Nylon ensures optimum transmission of steering instructions onto the road.
  • Ultra-reactive Tread Pattern Design, adapts continuously to the road, for optimized footprint on the road.


  • New mix of compound with specific “functional elastomers” and hydrophobic Silica provides excellent wet grip and braking.
  • Wide and deep longitudinal grooves ensure a high level of drainage on wet roads.


(1) Tests carried out by TÜV SÜD, at Michelin’s request, in April 2015 with 225/45-17 94Y/W XL tyres and in July 2015 with 225/40-18 92Y XL tyres with vehicle Golf 7. Tested tyres: BRIDGESTONE Potenza S001, CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact5, DUNLOP Sport Maxx RT, GOODYEAR Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, PIRELLI PZERO, HANKOOK V12 EVO2 K120.The distance is measured when braking at 100 km/h for dry braking and at 80 km/h for wet braking until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Auto Bild March 2017, test on dimension 245/45 R18. Auto Motor Sport, July 2017, test on dimension 245/45R18. Sport Auto, April 2017, test on dimension 225/40 R18. Auto Express, July 2016, on dimension 225/40R18 Y 92.
(2) Tests carried out by DEKRA Test Center in April 2015 on Golf 6, with 225/45-17 94Y/W XL tyres and in July 2015 with 225/40-18 92Y XL tyres. The CONTINENTAL ContiSportContact 5 tyre covered 7.340 km less than the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 tyre. More info available on www.michelin.country
(3) Calculation based on the consumption of a BMW 3 Series (5,5l/100 km with a fuel price at 1.36 euros/liter over a distance of 50,000 kms, with a difference of 3% of fuel consumption from a vehicle equipped with C-rated tyres in rolling resistance and tyre rated E, meaning an economy equivalent to the price of a tyre. More info on www.michelin.country
(4) The MICHELIN PILOT SPORT tireline is co-designed with the most demanding car manufacturers (BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI, PORSCHE). BMW = 24 homologations with PILOT SPORT and PILOT SPORT PS2, Mercedes = 31 homologations with PILOT SPORT, PILOT SPORT PS2 and PILOT SPORT 3, AUDI & AUDI Quattro = 14 homologations with PILOT SPORT PS2 and PILOT SPORT 3, PORSCHE = 43 homologations with PILOT SPORT PS2. The Tread Pattern Design comes from motorsport experience (FORMULA E, WEC, WRC …). WEC = FIA World Endurance Championship. WRC = FIA World Rally Championship.
(5) Consumers' opinions on MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 tyre published on 16/01/2017 on all Michelin European websites (information aggregated and collected on the website: www.michelin.fr and certified by bailiff).

Business Reviews
Profile:Pilot Sport 4
Review Date Test Facility Dimensions Review Text Review Rating Seal
02/2019 AUTO BILD 245/35 R20 95W XL VOL Highly recommended

Pilot Sport 4 tyre review

Average based on 285 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow  N/A
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 9,084

09.12.2021 from Nicholas
I've driven roughly 22,000km as this was when i would of rebuilt the engine and got the car ready for road, by far these are the best tyres I've ever experienced on a car, I had used continentals and dunlop's beforehand, 2 competitors to Michelin, and before now, I always struggled with understeer under sharp cornering after periods of rain, with the PS4's, this has been completely eradicated, wet grip is by far the best in its class, with not much coming against it, usually the car would also break grip in wet conditions when in low gears speeding up, this has also vanished, in terms of lifespan, there is roughly 5mm left on the tyres after 22k km, so lifespan is also excellent. I am very confident in using these tyres and will be purchasing again once it comes time to replace.

26.01.2021 from Ian Whiston
Lives up to expectations if not surpasses. 👍🏼

10.12.2020 from Matthew Harvey
Moving from a more budget oriented tyre to the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 transformed the car. Running high torque figures, the grip increase has been fantastic in both straight line and cornering applications. Wet weather performance has been surprisingly great, with very little loss of traction. Cold weather performance is slightly less, but is expected due to being a summer tyre, but is by no means unacceptable. Couldn't rate these tyres higher and I will be purchasing again soon.

12.09.2020 from Ales
Just excellent. Especially on dry roads. Wear very fast if you drive sporty style (max 15000 km on front axle). In 2.5 years I've bought already 5th set of 2. No complaints to tyres at all, but absolute unacceptable that Eiretyre selling 1 year old tyres. I don't like it at all and have bought last time from different supplier, had got fresh onces (1.5 month old) and cheaper. Only new model Michelin Pilot Sport 4S can be better, but much more expensive.

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