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Maxxis Premitra 5 225/55 R18 98V


Maxxis Premitra 5
225/55 R18 98V

Tyre size
225/55 R18 98V  Change 
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In Stock
Type of Tyre
Summer tyres
Speed Index
V: Approved up to 149 mph
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£ 99.60

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The Premitra HP5 delivers outstanding performance in wet and dry weather conditions due to its world leading technology and design. Its full-silica rubber compound has been developed to reduce excessive heat generation, as well as improve wear performance and durability. The multiple variable pitch tread and lateral groove design has been developed to reduce vibration noise, lower rolling resistance and enhance wet handling to minimise the chances of hydroplaning. High-speed stability and handling has been improved due to high strength steel belts, guaranteeing an outstanding sport performance.

Business Reviews
Profile:Premitra 5
Review Date Test Facility Dimensions Review Text Review Rating Seal
02/2020 Auto Zeitung 225/55 R18 98V Highly recommended

Premitra5 tyre review

Average based on 341 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 9,919

29.09.2019 from Lukasz Galanty
First time use Maxxis tyres, has worn on front wheels. Can’t believe that tyres from budget class, for me a lot better than previous Uniroyal Rainsport 3. Quality to price, definitely recommended, probably will use again.

01.02.2019 from Richard
These tyres are quiet and grip well in the dry. They also brake well in the wet too and have good aquaplaning resistance. Fuel economy is fine too. However, on a wet road when going around a roundabout at anything over 25mph they loose lateral grip and the car slides sideways. If you push on the power then they completely break off and the car understeers. I am used to it now and drive gently but could be a bit dangerous for those who aren't experienced drivers. Also on cold damp roads they lose traction at low speeds when turning full lock in a manouvere, sending the ESP system off. I am disappointed because of this and won't buy again or recommend.

26.01.2019 from Alan
The worst fault i have found with these tyres are cornering. Even at relatively slow speed the vehicle slides, giving up grip rather easy. They remind me of a set of Falcons a purchased a few year back. Not good. Apart from that, an all round decent cheap tyre. Previous tyre i had on Accord were Michelon. A hard act to follow but at £185 a corner !!!!

09.12.2018 from Cristian
Good quality.. did a few burnouts as well and they look just like new :)

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