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Kleber Quadraxer 2 215/60 R16 99H XL


Kleber Quadraxer 2
215/60 R16 99H XL

Tyre size
215/60 R16 99H XL  Change 
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In Stock
Type of Tyre
All-season tyres
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol
Speed Index
H: Approved up to 130 mph
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European Production

£ 144.99

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Comparative test of KLEBER Quadraxer 2, done by Auto Bild - published on 29 September 2017.

Dimension: 205/55 R16 94V.

Vehicle: Volkswagen Golf.


The KLEBER Quadraxer 2 tyre holds a B level labelling for braking on wet roads, one of the best of the market(1).

Braking distance reduced by 1,6m(2).

Thanks to its toboggans and its V-shaped directional tread pattern which facilitate water evacuation, aquaplaning risk is reduced(3).


3PMSF* and M+S** markings.

Its new sipes orientation guarantees a good take off, acceleration and braking on snowy roads.


Braking distance on dry roads is reduced by 3.5m thanks to hinges which widen the contact area between the tyre and the road(4).


*Marking 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake. **Mud & Snow.

(1) Labelling upgrade from C to B compared to previous range KLEBER Quadraxer. Source: Product Tracking Report August 2015.
(2) Reduced braking distance on wet roads, 5% compared to previous KLEBER Quadraxer tyre. Michelin Group Winter Internal test on dimension 205/55 16 91H in December 2014 at the Ladoux Technology Center.
(3) Reduction of hydroplaning longitudinal by 8% and curved by 4% compared to previous KLEBER Quadraxer range on dimension 205/55 16 91H. Michelin Group internal test realized in December 2014 at Ladoux Technology Center.
(4) Braking distance reduced by 3,5m ie 9% less compared to previous KLEBER Quadraxer range on dimension 205/55 16 91H. Michelin Group internal test realized on January 26th 2015 on Fontange track.

Quadraxer2 tyre review

Average based on 433 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 11,751

18.02.2021 from Iain Taylor
In snow they really show off - very sure with good braking and control. Even when they slip if too much torque applied, they are very controllable. In normal driving in wet or dry they perform well. Have towed caravan too and still maintain performance on front wheel drive car. Only two criticisms - fuel consumption seems a bit higher than before and they wear a bit faster (although it is perhaps a little early to be sure of that one).

30.01.2021 from Woody123456
They are a ok tyre grip isn’t the best but they definitely work better in the colder weather.

05.06.2020 from Brian Anthony
Recently fitted to replace Quadraxer 1 tyres at ~40K miles, most of this on previous Yeti 2ltr 140 4x4, tread still legal but rubber reaching age limit. Quad 2's seem significantly quieter, equally flexible on poor roads, similar performance in most weather conditions (except snow - not encountered yet). Expecting equivalent service to their predecessors.

13.05.2020 from Howard
haven't been able to test in snow yet. But have no reason to doubt these tyres. Good all rounder at decent price. Very likely to replace with same again.

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