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Falken RI151 215/75 R17.5 128/126M


Falken RI151
215/75 R17.5 128/126M

Tyre size
215/75 R17.5 128/126M  Change 
Stock Level
In Stock
Type of Tyre
Winter tyres
M+S marking
with snow flake symbol
Speed Index
M: Approved up to 81 mph
Item No.
Tyre label

recommended retail price*   £ 283.00
£ 164.19

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Falken Rl151

Our all-new steer axle tyre for regional use, the RI 151 features an innovative compound that shrugs off harsh weather conditions. On dry, wet or snowy roads, the RI 151 delivers excellent traction and high mileage, plus outstanding ruggedness and durability. The new pattern includes smart Stone Ejectors, raised elements that prevent stones from lodging in the tyres.


M+S and snowflake symbol
Outstanding all-weather performance.

Innovative 4D-Nano Design enhanced compound
Excellent mileage and enhanced rolling resistance.

New pattern design for steer axles
Superb directional stability in straights and cornering.
Even wear.
Good driving stability.

Robust, durable casing
Outstanding casing quality for long-lasting and superb regrooving and retreading potential.

Stone Ejectors
Hundreds of tiny raised elements help prevent foreign bodies being trapped in the grooves and damaging the tyre.


Pioneering 4D-Nano Design technology enables our engineers to simulate the complex interactions of tyre compound components at the nano-level.

  • High-end materials research technology
  • Shorter development times
  • Simulation of energy loss / heat generation
  • Development of groundbreaking tyre compounds with significantly reduced rolling resistance
  • In-depth analysis of changes in tyre compound composition throughout tyre life

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