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Rotalla RH02

For starters, Rotalla is a tyre manufacturer, which is recognised as a top producer in the industry. The primary features that characterise the products are excellent quality and competitive prices - two aspects all drivers look for in tyres. The manufacturer was founded in 1986, and ever since, it has marked its position as a qualitative budget tyre producer. With an undying interest in innovation and advancement, the tyres produced by Rotolla, such as the Rotalla RH02, enable each driver to enjoy every journey since they guarantee excellent stability, traction and responsiveness.

Rotalla RH02 - your champion for excellent performance

Drivers who are browsing for a product that will maximise the vehicle's potential should consider the Rotalla RH02, which is a high-performance car tyre that comes at a competitive price. The product offers excellent stability at high speeds, performing excellently on wet and dry terrains alike. You needn't worry about the unpredictable weather forecast any longer. Additionally, the Rotalla RH02 provides responsiveness and precision control, plus, the braking performance is enhanced thanks to the state-of-the-art asymmetrical design. Furthermore, the design improves water evacuation, facilitating a positive vehicle performance, particularly on wet terrains.


The focus on control and grip when cornering has facilitated the creation of a product that boosts your safety and comfort while driving. Your family's security is in good hands when you choose Rotalla RH02. If you want to benefit from these features, browse on mytyres.co.uk - the online shop which supplies a vast variety of tyres for every budget and vehicle.