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Rotalla RH01

Rotalla is a Chinese car tyre manufacturer, with an experience of 20 years in this industry. Even though this company is located in Asia, its products are popular all over the world, as being affordable and qualitative. The main purpose of this manufacturer is to keep up with the customers' needs and expectations regarding quality, but provide the lowest prices possible. For this reason, they utilise a broad range of advanced testing tools, as well as production equipment and instruments. Most of their technological equipment is acquired from Germany, Japan, and the U.S. They continue to improve their manufacturing process and designs to provide improved models, such as Rotalla RH01.

Rotalla RH01 - high performance & budget friendly tyres

When it comes to budget tyres, Rotalla RH01 is always on the top, because these products have very affordable prices. But what about their quality? This aspect should not worry you, especially if you will use the items in dry conditions, where their performance is impeccable. However, they also perform well in wet conditions. The design of this tyre is specially created to ensure stability and good traction on the road. For instance, the curve groove design is meant to provide great performance in wet conditions, but also to reduce road noise.


Rotalla manufacturer also assured that their products deliver excellent stability at high speeds. The numerous awards they received, as well as the certifications they have - such as the Safety Certification and 3C standards - stand as proof of their professionalism. Check our variety of Rotalla RH01 on mytyres.co.uk and take advantage of our appealing prices.