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The Volkswagen story began in the 1940s with the legendary "Brezelkäfer" (pretzel beetle), which took its name from the shape of the back window. This was followed by the "Ovali". At the beginning of the '50s, "Bulli" - the first series of VW minibusses - hit the market, and they are still sold as T5s today. Other models were added to all of the vehicle classes over the course of time to culminate in a situation in which every fifth registered vehicle in in Europe was a VW! Take a look outside and you'll see different generations of many VW models on the streets today - a Golf II from the '80s, a Polo III from the '90s, a ten-year-old Caddy or a modern SUV like the Touareg - and this variety necessitates an equally big selection of Volkswagen wheels. We aim to be able to offer all VW owners the right product(s) for them. In order to ensure that they fit the vehicle in question, we ask for exact vehicle data before displaying a selection of rims approved for you from different manufacturers. It's usually possible to choose betweeen sizes, too.

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