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Porsche Rims

Since 1945, Porsche is the epitome of a sports car. At that time the design office of Ferdinand Porsche founded in 1931 has been transformed into the world famous car company. Even before 1945 Porsche was involved in many models such as the Volkswagen Beetle. Porsche has doubled its share of the passenger car registrations in Germany in the past decade from 0.35 to 0.70%. This is due to the new models, with which the car company has opened up to further target groups: The Cayenne SUV, the upper-class Porsche Panamera and the mid-engined sports cars Cayman appealed to the customers. Porsche would not be so successful without so much emphasis on a sporty design. That is in addition to powerful motors the basis for the unchanged good reputation around the world. In order to bring the dynamics on the road, the best Porsche rims are necessary. Accordingly, wide wheels transmit the power optimally on the asphalt.

Fancy Rims For Porsche Cars

Finding Porsche rims is easy on Simply select model and type of your car, select the wheel size and browse through the wide range of Porsche rims. From 18 to 22 inches renowned manufacturers like AEZ and DEZENT are represented with eye-catching designs. For the Porsche Cayenne there is for example the popular Phoenix AEZ rim and the AEZ Yacht rim is available in all sizes and looks damn good at a Cayenne.

Complete Wheels Instead Of Porsche Rims

Our Porsche rims are also used for wheel and tyre packages. They can be combined with summer and winter tyres as well as all-season tyres. The wheel and tyre packages are a good alternative for those who do not only need new wheels for the Porsche, but also new tyres.

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