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DEZENT alloys are ideal for customizing your car. Alloy wheels are no longer reserved for luxury and sports cars. On you find cheap DEZENT wheels - choose from a wide range. The designs of the DEZENT alloys are so diverse, that there is the right product for every taste. Fans of the classic five-spoke look prefer the DEZENT TB wheel, that is available in black or silver as well as the DEZENT L, while the TD is also offered with a graphite finish. In case of the DEZENT RG the number of spokes seem to go on forever - this model look damn good on sports cars.

High-quality Wheels

DEZENT wheels are available in sizes from 13 to 20 inches, with wheels like the DEZENT V are offered primarily for smaller vehicles. All products have to pass tough tests before they end up in the online shop if Many tens of thousands of load cycles are simulated and an impact on a curb at high speed as well. With the chic DEZENT alloys there is no reason for drab steel wheels in wintertime. Snow, grit and road salt can't harm them. This ensures durability - simply clean the wheels with mild detergents now and then. Many rims are also made for the use of snow chains. Order your desired DEZENT alloy wheels now on or choose complete wheels, if you also need new tyres. Almost any combination is possible - choose rim and tyre, we mount and balance everything for you.

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