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AEZ Wheels

Do you want to give your car a personal touch? Try it with AEZ wheels. They do not only look good, but are also of high qualitymade in Germany. The range includes many unusual designs, that are also available for off-roaders. The multi-part forged AEZ wheels in light metal structure are especially popular. During the last 20 years the manufacturer has won a firm place in the market.

Technologically Sophisticated Alloy Wheels

In addition to the individual look the manufacturer pays attention to an excellent handling. This includes for example the EH2 + Hump technology, which is designed to prevent loosening runflat tyres from the rim as soon as they go bang. But the EH2 rims are also suitable for normal tyres, because there is hardly any difference in the structure. AEZ wheels undergo extensive testing before launch. Most customers still rely on silver products with high-gloss finish, but the black AEZ wheels are catching up quickly like the ten-spoke Bridge dark and the five-spoke Yacht dark, that is also offered for SUVs. An alternative for ATVs is the Reef SUV with its unusual look. AEZ offers the right wheel design for every taste. You can find a wide choice in our online shop and purchase the AEZ wheels in combination with tyres as well.

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