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19 inch alloy rims

In this section you can search our wide range of Alloy rims for all current cars, SUVs, Offroaders and light trucks screws, caps and centering rings.

Delivery will take approximately 6 working days. We take great care to offer you the best service possible and in the unlikely event of a supply shortage we will inform you immediately.

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19-Inch Alloy Rims

19-inch alloy rims are a common sight on sports or luxury class models, which place different demands on their wheels than city runabouts from the subcompact or minicar classes. Motorists their rims to look the part and to enhance the character of their respective vehiclas (for this reason, 19-inch rims are also a popular choice for motorists wishing to tune cars from smaller classes). Rim manufacturers know their customer base inside out - and design their products accordingly. Use of colour, as on the DOTZ Shift pinstripe red, is an increasingly popular feature. Many rims also play with the idea of contrast: polished spokes on a black rim well are effective at lending a wheel both depth and additional size.

Elegant or Unusual? It's A Question of Taste

For an elegant look, we recommend 19-inch alloy rims with as many spokes as possible - examples of this style include the AEZ Valenica (available in different sizes) or the DOTZ Fast Fifteen. Rims featuring spokes that differ from the norm - such as spokes arranged in Y-shapes or to resemble curved blades - are the most distinctive options (be sure to take a look at the DOTZ Hanzo if this is the kind of thing you're searching for). In the end, it's a matter of taste - and it's also important that the rim you choose is suitable for use with for your vehicle. Enter the model and type of your car in our wheel configurator for help in determining which choices are right for you.