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16 inch alloy rims

In this section you can search our wide range of Alloy rims for all current cars, SUVs, Offroaders and light trucks screws, caps and centering rings.

Delivery will take approximately 6 working days. We take great care to offer you the best service possible and in the unlikely event of a supply shortage we will inform you immediately.

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16-Inch Alloy Rims

16-inch alloy rims are one of the more popular categories of rim on mytyres.co.uk, since they're compatible with the majority of vehicles from the compact and medium-sized vehicle classes. It can even be worthwhile for owners of subcompact cars to take a closer look at rims in this size category, since they're often permitted as an alternative to the standard wheels supplied on vehicles of this class. In practice, very few buyers of new cars bother to do this, since 16-inch alloy rims tend to be expensive when purchased directly from the manufacturer. This is where the mytyres.co.uk online shop comes in: we carry a huge range of products at the most attractive prices around.

The Right Rims for Every Vehicle

Turn your car into something special with stylish rims from big-name manufacturers like AEZ or DEZENT. Black-painted rims with front-polished spokes are ideal for lending any vehicle a touch of exclusivity - nobody needs to know that you bought them on mytyres.co.uk! If you're after something even more unusual, white or anthracit 16-inch rims with inwardly-turned, blade-like spokes are a truly eye-catching alternative. The only rule here is that your wheels should complement the character of your vehicle - and we'll help you make sure of this before you buy. Tell us the make, model and type of your vehicle, and the mytyres.co.uk website will "virtually mount" your chosen rims on your vehicle for you by means of photographs. Your vehicle data will also enable us to automatically eliminate unsuitable rim options from your search results.