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Right Tyres

Choosing the right tyre is important. The tyres do not only have an approval for your car, they should also be adapted to the seasonal weather conditions. You can find with our tyre calculator an alternative tyre size to your actual one.

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Using Winter Tyres in Summer and Summer Tyres in Winter

Most motorists change tyres twice a year - in spring from winter to summer tyres and in autumn vice versa. Some spare themselves this effort using all-season tyres instead. Those are the only two possibilities to be safe on the road in every season. Winter tyres in summer and summer tyres in winter, however, are not an option. But why not?

Summer tyres in winter are simply prohibited in many countries. But also without the legal requirement it endangers the safety of yourself and that of other drivers. Tread and rubber compound of winter tyres perfectly adapt to winterly road and weather conditions. The tread has many sips, which interlock with the ground for improving traction and thus shortening the braking distance. In addition, the rubber compound is softer than that of summer tyres letting the tyre remain flexible even in cold weather. When purchasing new winter tyres, pay attention to the snowflake symbol, the sign for winter suitability.


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More Safety With the Right Tyres

Winter tyres in summer are not useful as well. The softer rubber compound increases the rolling resistance, which has a negative effect on fuel consumption. In addition, the tread is made for dry and wet conditions, when summer tyres offer more safety. The many longitudinal and transverse grooves collect water in rain transporting it away from the tyre - that minimizes the risk of aquaplaning. So switch to summer tyres in spring.