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Uniroyal RainSport 5 205/55 R15 88V


Uniroyal RainSport 5
205/55 R15 88V

Tyre size
205/55 R15 88V  Change 
Stock Level
In Stock
Type of Tyre
Summer tyres
Speed Index
V: Approved up to 149 mph
Item No.
Tyre label
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European Production

recommended retail price*   £ 118.50
£ 87.59

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Master the wet. The new RainSport 5.

The RainSport 5 made for exceptional wet performance, enhanced mileage and superior steering control – it’s the sporty solution for compact-, middle- and upper-class vehicles including SUVs


    Safe driving even in the most challenging wet conditions


    Extended tyre life for a long journey


    Excellent control and steering response for maximum driving pleasure

RainSport 5 tyre review

Average based on 151 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow  N/A
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 8,422

12.05.2021 from Steve Coxon
I have only ever once lost traction with these tyres in the wet and it was extremely wet and my foot was planted. The Quattro system helps on this of course but they do inspire confidence and rightly so.

18.11.2020 from Phil
I bought these on recommendation to alleviate road noise and vibration . As soon as they were fitted this improved immensely . Very quiet and smooth . There is slightly more roll than the old tyres I think the walls are more supple .

23.09.2020 from Drew Peacock
Very good at cutting through standing water. Grip is less impressive, in both wet and dry it slides early and feels mushy in the corners which doesn't inspire confidence. Wear appears good, but the tyre is noisy on all but the smoothest surfaces. Not as good grip as the earlier Rainsport 3

25.01.2020 from Simon Hall
I bought these for my car to replace the Goodyear Assymetric 2 runflats which were fitted when I bought it. Fitting these tyres has improved the ride quality dramatically as run flat tyres are very hard. However in terms of wet grip these are a step backwards compared to the Goodyears. They are predictable and safe, but they lack traction when pulling away in damp conditions and the car just doesn't bite the road on wet corners like it did with the Goodyears. In terms of dry grip, comfort and wear they seem good so far but as they are not much cheaper than the Goodyear Assymetric 5's I would probably buy those instead next time. Overall a good but not exceptional tyre which has left me slightly dissapointed.

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