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Nankang Winter Activa WA-1

Nankang is one of the most long-lasting tyre companies in Taiwan, having an experience of more than 55 years in this industry. Throughout this period, the manufacturer has continued to develop brand new products, by using ultra-modern technologies. The motto of this corporation is ''integrity, pragmatism, and innovation''. The last one played a significant role in their success because innovation allowed them to keep up with the newest trends and the customer's needs. The vast array of products they provide is designed to meet any expectations related to performance and durability. Because their manufacturing process and final products are eco-friendly, they also implemented several strict criteria of selecting raw materials, which extend the life expectancy of their tyres, just like in the case of Nankang Winter Activa WA-1.

Nankang Winter Activa WA-1 - combining safety and pleasure

Are you looking for a new set of tyres that will improve your car's performance, but that also combines safety and the pleasure of driving? In this case, Nankang Winter Activa WA-1 may be the right choice for you. These eco-friendly tyres use advanced technology and innovative design, meant to enhance their stability in any terrain or weather conditions. For instance, the centre rib has an array of uninterrupted blocks, as a pattern designed to boost your car's traction on the road.


The grooves also have a particular jagged edge design, which is excellent in the case of snow road conditions, as the braking performance is improved. If you want to enjoy a pleasant and safe drive, search for this item on mytyres.co.uk.