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Nankang Winter Activa SV-3

Nankang is the largest tyre manufacturer in Taiwan, with an experience of over 55 years in this industry. During all these years, the company has developed a new and innovative technology, which allows the production of versatile tyres, such as Nankang Winter Activa SV-3. Moreover, they managed to contribute to a better environment by using raw materials which lower CO2 emissions. Another principle Nankang takes into consideration is durability. By creating resistant and high-quality items, the company offer good value for money and it minimises the effect that scrapped tyres have on the environment. Therefore, each product released by them is improved with high pressure-bearing materials, which contribute to an optimal performance of your vehicle.

Nankang Winter Activa SV-3 - ensuring stability in any season

The overall performance of an individual vehicle is influenced by its tyres. They contribute to its stability, handle and braking performance, traction, etc. If you are looking for a model that ensures you a safe driving experience no matter the season or weather condition, consider Nankang Winter Activa SV-3. This model has an outstanding design, with triple main grooves, which lead to an improved drainage performance, as well as zigzag patterns, designed for a better grip on snow. The material contains silica compound, which increases stability on the icy road.


If you plan to boost the performance of your car by purchasing a new set of tyres, this model may be the right choice for you. Browse our selection of high-quality products on mytyres.co.uk and find the perfect one for you, at an affordable price.