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Nankang IV-1

Nankang has an experience of over 55 years in this industry, being one of the most reliable tyre manufacturers in Taiwan. One of the basic principles of this company is innovation, which allows them to keep up with their customers' needs and expectations each year, providing a broad range of products suitable for any vehicle. They have specialised departments which are in charge of studying market trends and developing ingenious technologies so that they are able to deliver high-quality and up-to-date products. They have already been gratified several times with global awards in Quality Assurance. Moreover, their products are eco-friendly, just like Nankang IV-1. These tyres enjoy a manufacturing process meant to lower pollution emissions, providing a better environment for future generations. In a nutshell, Nankang strives to meet high-quality standards, while reducing the pollution emissions.

Nankang IV-1 for an improved driving experience

If you want to enhance your car's performance, Nankang IV-1 is a model of tyres you should undoubtedly consider. This product is specially designed to conquer any type of terrain, and it has been tested for stability in wet conditions. The deep grooves on its laterals are meant to improve grip and assure you a safer driving experience.


The innovative technology used to create this model has improved its braking performance, which also contributes to your safety. Immerse yourself in an enjoyable ride and make sure your entire family reaches its destination safe and sound with these tyres. If you are looking for Nankang IV-1 products at an affordable price, look no further than mytyres.co.uk.