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Nankang Ice Activa IA-1 – active for 50 years

Known for the fact that it provides sturdy and durable tyres, Nankang has never stopped pursuing excellence when it comes to the manufacturing process. Innovation is key when it comes to their production since the world is continuously changing – both naturally and because of the man’s hand. Nankang is aware that global warming has become a threat, turning every winter into a chaos that is very harsh on the older-technology tyres. Their strive for innovation led towards the creation of Nankang Ice Activa IA-1, a set of tyres that proved to be very reliable when it comes to ice and slush. Regardless if you are a driver or a pedestrian, having a car equipped with such a pair of tyres may definitely decrease the chances of tragedy.

Nankang Ice Activa IA-1 – no slipping on ice

Ice is never to be underestimated during winter – especially if it is well-hidden beneath the snow. It takes just one wrong move for your car to lose its grip, therefore leading to a tragic accident. The Nankang Ice Activa IA-1 was created exactly to prevent such tragedies, having special features to keep them glued to the ice (just as long as you need to). Having a Serrate 3D-sipe in the center part, the ice-shovelling capability is enhanced, offering you stability on straight and curved roads. It also features irregular tack holes that can reinforce traction once you install snow nails. You can find these tyres at a good price on mytyres.co.uk, one of the largest tyre retailers in Europe.