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M S Tyres

Winter tyres are are first choice for ice and snow as they offer plenty of traction. Winter tyres are made of a rubber compound that remains flexible even in cold weather and can interlock with the ground. This is achieved, for example, by a higher silica acid content. For recognising at first glance which tyre is suitable, winter tyres - but also all-season tyres - have a M+S label. M+S stands for mud and snow. M+S tyres usually have large grooves in the tread, in which the snow can be collected so the tyre contact with the ground is kept up.

Preferring Winter Tyres With the Snowflake❄ Symbol

The M+S tyre branding is not legally protected. Therefore each tyre manufacturer can label a tyre even if it is not suitable for winter - unfortunately this is not unusual. Motorists should watch for the "snowflake"❄ symbol as such tyres have passed tests regarding their winter suitability and meet certain minimum requirements. Especially in snowy regions these tyres are strongly recommended for safety reasons.