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Goodride SW658 – trusting your tyres every day

Nowadays, car manufacturers produce more cars than a regular city can handle. Traffic jams, slippery roads, hard brakes, these are things that make every daily trip to work a real danger. You may never know when disaster strikes, simply because your tyres couldn’t handle the brakes – especially during the winter season. This is why Goodride, owned by Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd., focuses on providing that type of safety and control that everyone is looking for. Being approved by high-ranked companies such as VOLVO, they create tyres for vehicles in the passenger category, as well as the off-road category, agricultural, and SUVs for all four seasons. One such example is the Goodride SW658, the winter tyre that will keep you going through the winter.

Goodride SW658 – gliding through the winter

When cold weather makes its way in your hometown, summer tyres can no longer provide that solid, constant grip on the road. You will need tyres made from a relatively softer compound. This is why the Goodride SW658, enforced with silica compounds, is perfect for such extreme temperatures. Regardless of how low it goes, the rubber will still be relatively soft so that it will not crack under pressure – providing you superior grip. The sipes in the tread pattern are also deep enough to capture the snow, providing you great traction, superior braking performance, and excellent handling. You may order these products from mytyres.co.uk, the online tyre retailer that brings you great deals.